The spirit of Casa Pacha
It's being off stream yet at the centre of the chic scene. It’s about simplicity, originality, a sense of going back to Pacha's roots, a heritage that is constantly referenced. It's creating friendships and memories of a beautiful holiday, a charmed life, layered through time and unexpected moments. It's eternal. It´s home.
Mediterranean soul

Feel the warmth on your skin as you take in the beauty that surrounds your home away from home.


The smooth interiors, the organic touches, the warmth of the sand as you spend your days barefoot and smell the salt of the sea in every breeze.


A personal and familiar experience where hospitality protocols are broken and friendships are created.


A blend of the pure sounds of nature as music for the soul accompanies our guests on their stay and Pacha memorabilia nods to our heritage.


Simplicity at its finest to declutter and revitalise your mind, body and soul.


Unwind and go with the flow. A place where anything can happen, connections are made and memories of a beautiful life are ensured.